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New member
What is your name? I'd prefer not to say, But you can call me Phantom

What is your in-game username? PhantomSlays

What is your discord name? PhantomSlays#2116

How old are you? 12

What time zone do you live in? EDT

Are you multilingual? If so, in what languages? French and English are my main languages.

Have you ever been kicked/muted/banned on this server? Nope

At what level would you rate your maturity (10 being most mature)? 8.5

How many hours have you spent on this server? I have spent like 2 hours on this server and like 6 on the other.(Endless)

What past experience do you have being a staff member? I have been staff on Endless and I have been staff on multiple minehut servers.

What advice would you give to someone who had to deal with someone younger than them? I would tell them that they should warn that player and if they don't listen for whatever reason mute/kick them.

Are you able to record? Yes Sir

Why do you want to be a staff member on this server? Because I love Minecraft and this server and would love to be a part of this staff team.

Why should we accept your application over others? I think I would have more experience dealing with hackers and chat offenders than a average staff member.

How many applications have you made before? None

Any additional information? If you do need my real name for any reason you can msg me on discord.