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First Name:

In Game Name:

Previous In game names:


Do you have discord?

Are you multilingual?
Yes, although I am not fluent in any language other than English. My German is passable if I have access to a dictionary, and I'm also working on my Esperanto, which is a constructed language that I guarantee you will not be very useful.​

UTC - 6h or -5h depending on daylight savings.​

What experiences do you have with coding plugins?
I've been coding plugins for over two years, and would consider myself extremely well versed with the Spigot API. However, I have not worked much with databases or Bungee, but that is something that I would be excited to learn about given the opportunity. I have programmed a great variety of smaller plugins during my freelancing work, and have gained a lot of experience with many of Spigot's niches.​

Have you made any plugins recently(if so list them here):
Since almost all of my work has been freelancing, I'm not at liberty to share the plugins, but I will describe several in broad terms:​
  • A system for traffic lights with custom timings and synchronization
  • Addition of a K9 that detects whatever items the (role play) server deems to be stolen items in the inventories of nearby players
  • Elections for custom defined offices with a multitude of related features
  • A loot chest generator with a custom in game GUI for configuration and particle effects
Along with several other less notable projects.​

Why should we choose you to become a developer at The Nebula?
I feel that I can accomplish the tasks that I'm given with a high degree of competency, as would be expected from a former freelancer. Additionally, I am both very willing and very excited to learn new things, such as database programming or bungee. One of my strengths is mathematics, which coding plugins often makes use of, and having finished both calculus I and II, I am relatively qualified on most of the math that a Minecraft server could need. Working with others is another aspect of working on a server that I am also proficient at, as communication is a vital component to the function and operation of a server, or any project really. These factors all combine into why I think that I am a decent candidate for The Nebula.​
How much do you know about Java from a scale of 1-10?
I would rate my knowledge at about an 8.5, as I know how to utilize Java very well to achieve what I need, but there are still some topics, such as bitwise operators, and other more computer science focused things, that I do not have a complex understanding of. I am also a programmer on my FIRST Robotics team, which also makes use of Java to code the robot, adding to my familiarity with it.​
How much time can you contribute to the server?
This mostly depends on my situation with school, which right now (with the current world situation) is fine and I would have plenty of time to invest into The Nebula. Summer is also another time of year where I have bountiful amounts of free time that I am able to dedicate wherever it is needed. During the normal school year, while I will be significantly more occupied by my studies, I will still have enough time to accomplish most tasks that I am needed for.​

Have you ever been a developer on any other server besides ours (if yes please answer with a list of the server name(s). And if you have been demoted/removed from staff please put the reason why.)?
I was a developer on EliteHitNetwork, which is a server that never really got its feet off the ground. After one of the top staff passed away, many of the other staff ended up resigning and the server's activity died down, which resulted in me eventually resigning. I am currently the head (and only) developer on a server that my friend is trying to start up, called Universal PVP. I never applied for this, I just help him with his code and the more complicated mathematics involved in some of it. It takes up almost none of my time, as he handles almost all of the coding, and I have no deadlines with that server.​

Can you show us any of your previous work (if so please link here)
As stated before, I can't share the plugins that I have developed for other people, but I have included a list of overviews above.​
Anything else we should know?
There may be times where it seems like I've fallen off the face of the Earth for a few days, this happens when I am extremely busy with school and my extracurricular activities, resulting in me being out of the house for almost a week straight. However, these are few and far between, and shouldn't cause any problems.​


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Very well written application. I therefore accept you being a developer of The Nebula. Welcome to the team!
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