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The Nebula developer application.


Please take the application process seriously. Copy this format into a new thread and proceed to answer the questions in order. Be as detailed as you can and answer only the questions asked. If you have been banned from the server before, you are still eligible to apply for a staff rank,.we recommend you to be at least 13 years of age before applying, but there can always be an exception. Buying a rank does not give you a better chance of being accepted as a staff member, so please do not linger on this in your application. We will let you know within a week whether your application is being considered or has been denied. If your application is being considered, it does not mean that it has been approved. Be patient with the application process, and always be respectful of staff. Also, please do not tell staff you have applied as this will lower the chances of you being accepted; dramatically. Thanks!


Application questions


First Name:

In Game Name:

Previous In game names:


Do you have discord?

Are you multilingual?


What experiences do you have with coding plugins?

Have you made any plugins recently(if so list them here):

Why should we choose you to become a developer at The Nebula?

How much do you know about Java from a scale of 1-10?

How much time can you contribute to the server?

Have you ever been a developer on any other server besides ours (if yes please answer with a list of the server name(s). And if you have been demoted/removed from staff please put the reason why.)?

Can you show us any of your previous work (if so please link here)

Anything else we should know?
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