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    What have you done
  2. AlphaPlayz

    Denied Luna's Helper app

    Hey your application was off to a good start but I don't feel that much effort was put into it, it is lacking detail in places needed like " why should we accept your application over others? Because no other server wants to accept my application and they say that "What modering experience do...
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    I'll take a cookie

    I'll take a cookie
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    Revoked Admin application

    Good morning/Goodnight I have reviewed your application. an altho it looks it does not follow our format like Monkey said, Please change the format and I will relook over your application but, for now, your application is at a standstill- Which mean it's not accepted or denied till you change it...
  5. AlphaPlayz

    Denied I am good at building Spawns for Servers

    Good Morning/GoodNight I have reviewed your application and have decided to deny it. This is due to a portrayed lack of building skills, and a lack of effort. For advice on how to build better, watch this YouTuber Feel free to re-apply...
  6. AlphaPlayz

    Accepted Helper Application - The Nebula

    Good morning/Good night Vonicz I have reviewed your application and it looks well detailed and not rushed. You have added the right amount of detail to it An answered all the questions as a staff member would. Thank you for applying at The Nebula network. I will not accept or deny your...
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    Hello Nebula Network
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    Denied Staff application

    Good morning/goodnight I have read your application and I am not too eager about it. It looks good but not enough information added into it as Zombie said. SO please edit this application and I will rewrite my review on your application but for now, your application is a 0.25 Add more detail, in...